Joali Maldives: Festive Wellness Resort For Christmas & New Year in the Maldives

26 November 2020

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As the end of an unexpected year approaches, you might probably be wondering how the holiday season will unfold. After all, most of the best end of year vacation spots have been thrown into question. Where, then, can you find an escape in which you can truly look forward to? A good answer lies across the horizon at a remote tropical paradise called Maldives, where unparalleled luxury and adventure meet a world of white-sand beaches and calming waves of endless blue.


The festive holiday season has always seen throngs of people looking to party the year to a close. However, If your celebration entails leaving the world and its worries behind for a relaxing wellness retreat, Joali Maldives is committed to offering you a time to take care of yourself and your loved ones—in preparation of a brand new year and better days to come. Rediscover carefree moments over experiences tailor-made to nourish your body, mind and soul, and revel in an unforgettable holiday celebration to welcome the year ahead.


Arrive with a peace of mind knowing that health and safety protocols have been carefully put in place by the Ministry of Tourism. Tourists and short-term visitors are required to present a negative COVID-19 test conducted 96 hours prior to their arrival in the country. Likewise, Joali Maldives has also put in place its own processes to ensure the well-being of every guest from arrival to departure. Feel at ease knowing that celebrating the festivities can be a worry-free affair, as you indulge in a Maldives wellness resort getaway during the most wonderful time of the year.

Experience wellness at Joali Maldives


Discover an extensive lineup of wellness experiences at Joali Maldives to relax and rejuvenate, as you pamper yourself with massages, treatments, learning experiences, and culinary indulgences that reflect a philosophy of healthy living.


The ability to be mindfully present in the moment is an important aspect to your wellness. Music can be a wonderful way to reduce stress and reconnect with your body and breath, bringing your attention back to the music itself whenever your mind begins to wander. Take part in a Maldivian drum class and embrace the beauty of traditional rhythms as you learn how to play the boduberu.


Drinking tea with mindfulness can also be an effective way to enhance your wellness experience. Join a tea master and learn about its health benefits while discovering a selection of tea varieties. Feel more calm and relaxed as you enjoy your cup of tea, as you reconnect with yourself, your body and those around you.


Nourish your senses with a wealth of dining experiences that explore how different cuisines contribute to your wellness. Savor an exclusive Japanese culinary affair served up by the well-known chefs of Joali Maldives, where seasonal foods are served in a variety of small dishes in accordance with the traditional Japanese diet of minimally processed ingredients. You can also satiate your appetite at the Signature Saoke restaurant, where a display has been created for you to visualize and learn more about how the Japanese way of cooking has been proven to bring along an extensive range of health benefits. Fancy exploring a different cuisine instead? Learn how to cook healthy Italian dishes and explore keto recipes with Joali’s culinary talents, as you learn more about how nutrition plays an important role in maintaining your health.


What’s a wellness retreat without spa and fitness activities? Revitalize your spirit at the Joali spa where signature treatments restore your body’s vitality and vibrancy, immersing you in a world of utmost peace and relaxation. If you’re in the mood to sweat it out, head over to the fitness center for a workout at the heart of nature overseen by professional trainers—with breathtaking views overlooking the crystal ocean and lush green foliage.


In the spirit of Christmas, and a much-awaited event for younger guests, Santa Claus will make an appearance at Joali Maldives with gifts and treats in hand for guests. No doubt a delight for little ones and parents, and bound to become a joyful Christmas memory. The festivities continue till the end of 2020, where a New Year’s Eve countdown party awaits. Come together and be present in the moment with the ones you love, celebrating happiness, togetherness, contentment, and brighter days ahead!


Relieve your stress, unwind, and enjoy an unforgettable wellness escape at Joali Maldives during the most wonderful time of the year. It’s been said that the holiday season in Maldives is unlike any other place in the world. Embrace the long-awaited getaway you deserve, and revel in the joy of festivities at your ideal luxury wellness retreat away from the world.

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