“Calling little artists, chefs and adventures!”

This summer, JOALI Maldives is set to take young guests on a journey filled with joy, creativity and learning.


At Muramas Kids Club, young ones will have the chance to explore nature, spark their imagination, and discover so many different ways to have fun.

Ceramic Art

Pottery brings together skill and imagination. At this introduction to the ceramic arts, children will learn how to make simple pottery with their hands.


Glass-Bottom Paddle Boat

Hop onto our glass-bottom paddle boat and look down into the water! Our marine expert will take you for an exciting adventure around the lagoon.

Arts & Crafts

Let your little one’s creative juices flow, with an array of colourful activities. Coconut Painting, Do-It-Yourself Props, and Silly Hat Craft are some of the favourites.

Foam Party

In the mood for loads of fun? Kids will love jumping around and playing in the bubbly foam. An awesome way to make memories with their new friends.

Each new day brings new possibilities – from yoga to puppet making, henna tattoos to movie nights, kite festivals to pottery classes. While the kids enjoy hours of fun with new friends, parents can explore the island’s many delights – from inspiring art to relaxing spa journeys.

Yoga for Youngsters

Yoga is a secret superpower: it makes you stronger and more flexible. Improve your posture, movement and breathing with this fun fitness class.

Marine Wonders

Discover the colourful wonders of the ocean. Our Marine Biologist will introduce you to cool sea creatures and fun-filled games.

Beach Towel Tug of War

Ready with the towel ropes? Let’s see which team wins the day! This fun beach activity also teaches teamwork.

Henna Tattoo

Celebrate the summer holidays with an oh-so-real looking temporary tattoo. We use natural henna, which is absolutely safe for children.

Available from June, the JOALI Maldives Summer Kids Club is tailormade for 4-12 age group.

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