"With a sprinkle of imagination and a splash of magic, life becomes a kaleidoscope of exhilarating adventures"

This holiday season, we celebrate the charisma, creativity and magic of the Pop Art generation. Think bright colours, extravagant themes, and a whole lot of kitsch!

On our Island of Joy, each day brings new possibilities – from ocean adventures to glittering parties, art workshops to delectable feasts, heart-pumping sports to wellness indulgences.

Join us for an unforgettable celebration that goes POP!

21st December

This fine dining experience offers a piece of Italy right here in the Maldives. With an elegantly crafted menu by Michelin starred Chef Theodor Falser, you can expect authentic Italian flavours, zesty homemade Limoncellos and the perfect Bellinis – all served in an ultra-luxurious ambience.


Moonlit Marine Adventure
22nd December

Hop aboard our Dhoni for a thrilling snorkelling adventure, lit by underwater lights. Once the sun goes down, you are likely to meet squirrelfish, soldierfish and scavenging molluscs as they venture out for food. Don’t forget to carry your GoPro or underwater camera for those once-in-a-lifetime pictures. If you are lucky, you could even spot reef sharks and moray eels!

Nectar Of Nippon
23rd December

Savour a night of superb Japanese cuisine, conceptualised by award-winning Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto. Enjoy an array of elegant and well-executed plates over 5 courses. The chef’s signature creations taste even better as they intertwine with inspired sake pairings.

Christmas goes pop!
24th December

Join us for a trendy celebration of holiday flavours and Christmas cheer. This Pop-Art themed evening is all about bright colours, over-the-top décor, and a whole lot of fun. A lavish Christmas Eve buffet awaits! Indulge in a mouth-watering array of international favourites, succulent meats hot off the Indian Tandoor, and classic Christmas desserts.

Sun-Sparkle Christmas Brunch
25th December

Meet us for a sumptuous Christmas Day brunch under the sun, filled with merriment and good cheer. Kids will love our sweet morning treats, while parents can begin the celebrations early with festive drinks and a selection of live stations.

Her Journey Theatre of Gin
26th December

JOALI’s Her Journey series invites you to explore the sparkling world of premium spirits. This tasting session puts gin centre stage, exploring craft brands as well as global icons. Discuss the big gin questions like: Floral or botanical? On the rocks or paired with tonic? Identify secret distillation notes and appreciate the artistry that goes into the making of a great gin, from berry to bottle.

Champion Of The Court
27th December

Sign up for an invigorating celebration of focus, endurance and skill. This three-day tennis tournament will test your on-court prowess against fellow JOALI tennis players. Do you have what it takes to be crowned Champion of the Court?

Magic of The Mediterranean
28th December

Let bright, authentic flavours transport you to the Mediterranean coast, from Spain to Morocco and across Italy, Greece and Tunisia. Our creative chefs have curated a five-course set menu to astonish and delight your palate, full of ocean flavours, the freshness of olive oil and the aroma of herbs.

Art Of Glazing
29th December

Spark your imagination with the colourful world of ceramic glazes! Join our resident artist, Nataliya Kuleshova, to discover different glazing methods for pottery.

Yoga-Flow Into Love
30th December

Couples’ yoga is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and nurture your precious bond. This session is designed to involve both partners through synchronised poses and breath-work.

JOALI Pop-Art Dazzle New Year’s Eve Celebration
31st December

A canopy of stars. Dramatic décor. Sparkling glasses. An extravagance of international dishes and haute cuisine, from caviar and oysters to foie gras and lobster. Music and laughter, flowing through the evening. It all adds up to an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.
A hush settles over the beach…it is close to midnight. The clock strikes midnight and the cheers resound. Fireworks and dancing. Glitter and wonder. Champagne and kisses. Welcome 2023! Let us raise a toast. To new beginnings and old friendships. To love, to family, to joy.

Italian Indulgence
1st January

From Roma and Firenze, to Napoli and Milano…raise a glass to the best of Italy at this superb feast by Executive Chef and global pastry icon. Chef's five-course menu features delectable recipes from across the country, paired with fine wines.

Wellness Mosaic
2nd January

Explore an engaging array of activities at this relax-and-unwind wellness session, including wellness session, sound healing, an ESPA natural skincare workshop, hair analysis and massage tutorials.

Vibrant Concoctions & Potions
3rd January

Shaken or stirred? Highball or flute? Master the art of making a fabulous cocktail or mocktail, guided by our friendly mixologists. Dive deeper into your favourite drinks – from secret histories to behind-the-bar techniques. Oceanside views set the mood as you learn interesting pairings, serving tips and garnishes.

Expressions Of Vino & Cheese
4th January

Brie and Beaujolais. Camembert and Chardonnay. The finest wines in the world are best enjoyed with the right cheese – a match made in heaven. With expert pairings by our Sommelier, your palate is in for a treat. Take a journey through different wine regions of the world, complemented by the umami of curated cheeses.

Underwater Tints & Hues
5th January

Snorkel into a realm of vivid colours, amazing aquatic creatures and fantastical corals. Let our marine biologist guide you through the coral reefs hidden just below the surface of our tranquil lagoon. Lucky snorkelers may even meet a turtle or two!

JOALI POP-Art Charisma Orthodox Christmas Eve Dinner
6th January

Fairy lights and angels decorate the tables at this vibrant Orthodox Christmas Eve feast, with a market-style barbeque co-created by the JOALI team and celebrity chef, the extensive gifts of the sea, from lobster, crab, jumbo prawns to calamari, along with freshly grilled premium meats. Share in the blessings and joy of a traditional festive buffet with your loved ones.

Skies Of Joy
7th January

Join us on the beach for an exhilarating family kite-flying session. We have a fantastic collection of kites of different shapes, colours and designs. Let’s fly these bright aerial beauties!

Romancing The Sunset
8th January

Raise a toast to love as you cruise across the shimmering waves at sunset. Soak in panoramic views of the sun with your beloved, as the sky turns a thousand shades of pink and gold. This sunset cruise includes a glass of Champagne and canapés.

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