Women in Art

"A festival of feminine creativity"

Welcome to JOALI Maldives Art Week, a celebration of art and luxury, womanhood and community. Centred around feminine creativity and connection, this immersive experience honours women in art.

From 7 to 11 March 2022, four Maldivian women artists join our Resident Artist to showcase their talent and share their creativity. You can connect with these creators in a variety of ways: attend live art sessions, participate in workshops or purchase their artworks.



Creative Experiences by JOALI

Explore always-available workshops by Resident Artist Nataliya Kuleshova, who has a deep love for nature and outdoor living. Meet her for a range of engaging experiences, from spinning the potter’s wheel to painting as you sip Champagne.

Island Artscape

Inspiring artworks unfold across the island, taking you on a journey of discovery. Our exclusive Art Studio nurtures local artisans as well as art-lovers through imaginative events. We love to host visiting artists who create interactive projects and nature-inspired collections, so guests can experience art in a participative manner and nourish their creative side.




"Brush up on the magical world of watercolours "
Alaniya is also known as ‘irah en’bureymaa,’ which means sunflower. She is mainly known for her watercolour painting with elements of nature, which depicts a lot of her personality and emotions. Her love for art started at a young age when her mom would take her for art dates during the weekends. They would sit together, paint and talk about the different colours and art techniques. She is currently in her final year of her Teaching Degree. Combining teaching and her love for art, she wants to help little kids express themselves through art.


"Learn to make artisanal soap. "
Azleena, known by everyone as Azu, fell in love with the art of soap making in 2017. What started as a passion to learn something new, is now her livelihood. With a Bachelors in Management from University of London and a Masters in Marketing from Griffith University, Australia, She worked in the corporate sector for more than 8 years before leaving it to fully focus on her own business. Azu has been perfecting the art of making soap for almost 5 years now.


"Discover traditional Kasabu braiding "
Aishath Shirhan, known as Shiru, is a self-taught seamstress with over 30 years of experience. A proud mother of four, she has been sewing for almost all her life, starting with making dresses for herself as a teenager. With the help of Maldivian craftswomen, she learnt the skill of kasabu viyun, which is the technique of making the neckline of the traditional Maldivian libaas. As an artist, Shiru loves her art, which includes traditional kasabu viyun, kinaari viyun (the woven threads on the sleeves for the libaas), rumaafalhi (the headpiece that is folded and worn on the hair) as well as sewing the whole libaas. She also makes jewelry and accessories using kasabu braids.


"Combine acrylic, putty and resin "
Sajiyaan, known as Yaana is a Maldivian artist and pilot. Yaana has been doing art since childhood and cannot remember a time in her life without some form of art. She got into the world of art with her mother, who she believes she got the creative genes from. Yaana loves experimenting with different mediums of art. Although her most used medium is acrylics, she is now making texture art using putty, resin and impasto. For her, there is always room for growth and learning new things. Being a pilot as well as an artist, for her, both flying and art are the most important two parts of her life. She wishes to inspire little girls into believing they can do everything they put their hearts into.

Women in Art Initiatives

As the first and only art-immersive resort in the archipelago, JOALI Maldives launched the Women in Art project in 2020. We encourage local female artists by giving them a platform and creating on-island opportunities for training and collaboration with visiting international artists.






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