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A Season for Superfoods & Biohacks: Celebrity Chef Silvena’s bold, fragrant and nourishing cuisine.

Chef Silvena's innovative culinary approach has earned her recognition as one of London's finest female chefs. With a curated plant-based menu, interactive cooking session and potent superfood dinners, guests at JOALI will have the opportunity to savor Chef Silvena's unique talents in person.


Catch her at JOALI from the 10th to 20th November and have an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the Maldives!


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Luminous Sunsets & Cocktails
21st December 2021

Hosted by the senior management team, this island-style soiree brings together two of our favourite things: Maldivian sunsets and Mura cocktails. Watch the sky blush an extraordinary shade of orange-pink as you sip crafted drinks. Get to know your fellow JOALI guests, or simply enjoy the company of loved ones as we mark the opening of the festive season.

A Gingerbread Fairytale

Nothing matches the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread during the holiday season. Meet us for the opening ceremony of the Gingerbread House at Vandhoo. Feel the nostalgia, join the festivities. Our baked goodies and sweet treats are sure to be a hit with younger guests.

Enchanting Lights of Togetherness
23rd December 2021

Let the merry times begin! Gather with loved ones for JOALI’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Create precious memories as you recount holiday tales and raise a toast at the reception, hosted by senior management. The festive evening features canapés and cocktails, along with live entertainment.

JOALI Phantasmagoria: Christmas Eve Dinner
24th December 2021

As you sit by the dancing firelight of beach torches, escape to a bright and bejewelled fantasy world. Where fact and fiction, truth and legend come together to set the stage for a magical Christmas Eve feast. Our sumptuous dinner buffet features signature JOALI dishes alongside beloved holiday recipes. With live music also on the menu, we are all set for a glamourous and exciting evening. It’s time to raise a toast. To your loved ones. To joy. To gratitude.

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