“Calling young explorers and wonder-seekers! .”

For the first time ever this summer, JOALI BEING is taking young ones on an adventure filled with joy, friendship and learning. At this unique retreat, young explorers will discover the best of nature and holistic wellbeing. The JOALI BEING way of life is centred around self-discovery and growth, giving them a chance to learn more about themselves and the world around them.


The programme introduces a simpler version of the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Each pillar is specially tailored to their concerns – like finding their place in the world as young adults, and coping with stress caused by social pressures and modern technology.

Master Chef: Cooking Class

Learn the art and science of cooking as you make dishes that are both tasty and healthy. This is sure to be one of the favourite activities of your entire stay.

Anti-Gravity Super Yoga

An awesome new challenge for our young adventurers. Combining strength and balance, anti gravity yoga is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your fitness.

Ozzie’s Tennis Journey

Nothing matches the thrill of playing sports. Meet us on the court to learn basic tennis skills like serve, volley and backhand. Ideal for building stamina and learning to cope with pressure.

Snorkelling: A Turtle’s Journey

Be inspired by tales of sea turtles. Around since prehistoric times, these majestic creatures can be seen in their natural habitat on a snorkelling trip to the nearby reef.

Guided by an expert team of marine biologists, naturopaths, nutritionists and chefs, young ones will have the opportunity to explore underwater life, pick up new skills, and practice different forms of movement and meditation. As they follow their curiosity and try out different activities, they will work together in teams and make new friends. Each day brings so many new possibilities – from yoga to herbology workshops, from making healthy ‘nice’ cream to learning about turtles. On our Island of Wellbeing, immersed in nature, each experience is felt more deeply, more meaningfully.

Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable wellbeing family vacation.

Joy of BEING welcomes kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

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