Feel the wind in your hair, the thrill as you glide across the water, the joy that comes from challenging yourself, the liberation that comes from powering yourself across the waves, when every sense of body and mind feels sharper than ever.


Whether you choose the gentle pace of a leisurely sail on board our catamaran, the calm of kayaking across the surface of the turquoise sea, the challenge of maintaining equilibrium on a stand-up paddle, or the thrill of discovering a new sport like wake surfing, all of our water sports activities can form a meaningful part of your wellbeing journey at JOALI BEING.


Let yourself go, and let the sea, the wind and the exhilaration help you embrace the future and a sense of weightlessness.


Snorkelling Lessons

Snorkelling is a safe and simple way to experience the spectacular marine life of the Maldives. Take advantage of our island’s calm, warm lagoon to learn this skill. Our highly trained instructors will teach you the best breathing techniques and what to do if you get water inside your mask. By the end of this session, you’ll feel more confident in the sea and ready for a snorkelling excursion!



Catch the wind and let it take you on an epic windsurfing adventure. Our experienced instructor teaches beginners how to keep their balance on the board while holding and steering the attached sail. Once you know the basics, it’s easy to power across the lagoon.


Experienced windsurfers with a license can head out on their own.



Want to try your hand at sailing? Our small, lightweight catamaran is the perfect vessel for lessons – and the Maldives is the perfect place. Learn to handle lines and tillers, and how to keep the catamaran in balance.


Experienced sailors with a license can rent a catamaran on their own. Optionally, join one of our sailing excursions with a skipper so you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy the breezy ride.



Harness the power of the wind to glide across the surface of the sea and soar into the air. Join our short course to learn all you need to know about kitesurfing. Along with testing physical strength and endurance, this exhilarating water sport offers plenty of fun.


Pedalos, Kayak and Stand-Up Paddle

Explore the peaceful waters around the island at your own speed. Hop into a kayak or pedalo, and head out into the lagoon. Glide along and relax as you drink in the stunning surroundings, or step up the pace to give your muscles a mini-workout.

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